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Cell Mates Share Stiff Cock – Homo Emo

April 1st, 2014

Tyler and Jason are cell mates thinking about getting out of the slammer, but when they go to bed at night, their escape is far hornier than either will admit. They dream about sharing those cocks between them, with handsome Jason taking a deep fuck from his new emo cell mate buddy! You know these boys will be unloading together for real before their sentences are over!

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Timo Fucks His Inked Buddy – Homo Emo

February 10th, 2014

Even thought Timo is no jock, he makes young inked twink Miles look even smaller in this fuck video! He’s caught the tattooed boy eating all of his candy, and the boy is not happy. He decides to give the by some real punishment for his thieving ways, but we have a feeling that’s just going to encourage him!

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Evan Gets Every Inch Of Prestons Cock – Homo Emo

November 18th, 2013

Preston wants some of his friends candy, but Evan wants something in return from his blond emo friend. That’s fine with Preston, and he’s soon sharing that juicy bone and the boys are quickly in a 69! That, of course, leads to some great fucking for Evan, who just loves the splash of semen he gets in his face and unloads an impressive wad too.

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Towering Twink Dylan Fucks Chris – Homo Emo

November 7th, 2013

Dylan is not too happy with his punky looking pal Chris when the boy seems to forget his Diabetes and offers him some candy. Of course, he knows, and it’s sugar free! Time for some make up sex, and Chris is more than happy about the prospect of getting this towering twinks hard and long bone deep in his ass!

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Inked Twink Miles Takes It – Homo Emo

November 7th, 2013

Miles is one of those boys who really loves to fuck, but he’s been without for a little while now. He’s a little nervous about giving up his ass again for a friend, but his love of a rigid shaft and some great fucking soon loosens him up! Dean fucks him good too, making him unload before jerking out his own juice!

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Sexy Games For Horny Twinks – Homo Emo

November 6th, 2013

Taylor might look a little geeky and perhaps a little innocent too, but when he’s with his emo college friend Jae he’s not so shy and innocent. Those cocks are out after a bizarre puppet related conversation, sucking and fucking to a couple of hot and creamy loads that will most definitely have you joining in!

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Three Penises For Two Boys – Homo Emo

November 5th, 2013

Punky Chris and his friend Phillip are just hanging out when Phillip reveals a tasty treat in the form of a sugary penis lollipop. Of course, they have some meatier and tastier dicks to share and soon engage in a rampant session of dong sucking, with Chris taking it further and getting his ass fucked!

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Colby Gets His Butt Owned – Homo Emo

November 4th, 2013

We probably all remember playing spin the bottle with some boys back in the day, right? I think it must be one of the most common ways to get some knob fun going with another teen friend. Jae and Colby waste little time heating things up when they have nothing to do and nowhere to go, sucking and fucking their way to a cummy climax!

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Preston Rides A Stiff One – Homo Emo

October 24th, 2013

Cute boy Blake loves to fuck some hot hole, and indie boy Preston is definitely up for that in this video. With a whole lot of knob sucking done to build up those cream loads, Preston shows his bottoming skills and gets a great fuck from Blake, unloading his balls before lapping up the juice from Blake’s squirting rod and sharing it in a salty kiss!

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Tyler Takes It From Cute Josh – Homo Emo

October 20th, 2013

Josh is the kind of boy who has plenty of fuck buddies in his phone, and all it takes is a mention of sex and whoever is on the other end is going to be there quick! Tyler doesn’t wait around when he gets the call, arriving to suck some cock and ride some joystick. He gets a great fuck from his incredibly cute friend!

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