Gay Blow Jobs


Every male loves a blow job, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. It is without doubt the best activity one can enjoy before sex – the ultimate foreplay. So intimate it is that it is possible for the receiver of the blow job to climax from one alone. But what makes the blow job so great and why are gay blow jobs even better. There are plenty of reasons and here are a few.

To start off, the man is going to be fully clothed while the other begins to tease him. He perhaps may take his shirt off first before unzipping the mans trousers and pulling them down. Once he has done this he will be able to see the outline and shape of the cock through his underpants. Instead of taking it out straight away he may tease and rub it to try and make him erect. This form of teasing is purely to build the excitement for what is to come. Perhaps the receiver begins to get a wet patch on his pants – a sign of precum. After the man is erect, then the other man slowly pulls down his pants to unleash his now throbbing cock.

Before beginning the blowjob, he may choose to tease the cock and balls. After that playing with the head is another way of building arousal before putting it in his mouth. Then the man will begin to suck on the head of the cock before moving downwards, taking as much of it as he can down his throat. With practice, the cock can be taken further down. Slow and sensual movements should be made with some licking too. To make the experience even more sensitive, the blow job giver then may flick his tongue on the underside of the penis.

After this, continued cock sucking will help to bring the man close to an orgasm. When he is getting close it becomes obvious as his balls begin to tighten and his cock starts to twitch more. The giver must then decide whether he wants to take the load into his mouth, onto his face or another area. Once the man begins to ejaculate, the giver must continue to milk the cock – with either his hand or his mouth – to prevent there being a ruined orgasm. A giver often chooses to accept his reward for the blow job by swallowing the cum.

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